Assassin Cast #9

• May 8th, 2018

Welcome back everyone to episode #9 of the Assassin Cast for the week April 30th 2018! This is a ***SPOILER HEAVY EPISODE*** so you have been warned. In this episode we go over the following topics:


- Marvels Infinity war review, thoughts and discussion

- Ant man and the wasp trailer thoughts and release date


- Ps4 mods for firmware 4.55 is it worth it? we discuss.

- We talk Yakuza 6 and Sega's relevance in the software market.

- Quick update on Nintendo's Virtual console announcement and date.

- We also discuss Donkey Kong tropical freeze. Is Wi-U re-release's hurting or helping the switch? Our thoughts.

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Assassin Cast #8

• May 2nd, 2018

Welcome everyone to episode #8 of the Assassin Cast! This action packed episode is for the week of April 23rd 2018. This episode we talk about and discuss the following topics:


- Avengers infinity war hitting 250 million opening day

- Next mission impossible called fallout

- The predators reboot and its relevance

- Spider man the animated movie slated for this December.


- 14 year old get sued by epic games for cheating

- We talk shadow of tomb raider release and special edition content

- Korean and australia rating boards leaking Hitman "Sniper Assassin"

- Nintendo's bold statement to release the virtual console in May 2018

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Assassin Cast #7

• April 24th, 2018

Welcome back to the Assassin Cast!! This is Episode #7 for the week of April 16th 2018. Todays Action packed episode is going to go in depth with the following topics:


- Dead Pool 2 final trailer discussion and thought's

- The Equalizer 2 w/ Denzel Washington

- Amazon only allowing prime members to purchase physical marvel & disney properties

- Actor Verne Troyer passing at 49

- Jurassic Park- The fallen kingdom


- NY times article discussing Billy mitchel's scores getting redacted

- ESRB to include in-game purchase's in there rating system

- Game stop's terrible Customer service

- Call of Duty Black Op's 4


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Assassin Cast #6

• April 18th, 2018

Welcome back to episode #6 of the assassin cast!! The best podcast in New York! Please like and subscribe for more future episodes. For the week of April 9th 2018. We talk movies and gaming for the following topics:


- The Meg trailer w/ Jason statham

- We talk American made w/ Tom cruise

- Super troopers 2 New trailer release and crowd funding campaign

- Xmen dark phoenix 2019 push back

- Venom new trailer release and thoughts...


- Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series reaching 6 billion in sales

- Articles concerning Sega making a come back to hardware

- God of war release approaching discussing game play

- Guy finds drugs in a pal Nes cart


As always each episode of the Assassin Cast is released every monday we apologize for the delay.

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Assassin Cast # 5

• April 10th, 2018

Welcome to the Assassin Cast the best podcast in New York! this is episode #5 where we discuss various movie/ Gaming topics that we destroy for your pleasure! during this episode we discuss the following topics:


- John Cena to play duke nukem

- Netflix list for april including scarface, badboys, money heist part 2

- New halloween annoucement for 2018

- The walking dead cross over with fear of the walking dead

- Black panther to pass titantic in top 3 grossing film of all time

- Chris evans update



- Ign's top 100 list of all time 

- Far cry 5 release

- Spider man for Ps4 release date and game informer shadyness

- Microsoft's backwards compatibility annoucement for regular xbox

- Spyro remastered


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Assassin Cast #4

• March 31st, 2018

Assassin Cast #4- Upcoming Marvel Movies, Trump's violent video Game Clip, Assassins Creed & More

Welcome everyone to episode #4 of the Assassin Cast! The official launch of the best podcast in New York. Currently covering the week of March 26'th 2018. My self Jeremy Malaspina and my Co-host Dan Mccarthy have a full episode for you talking a bunch of shit about the following topics. Enjoy.

- New marvel trailers

- Chris Evans leaving the captain America role

- Cobra kai thoughts

- Trumps violent video game clip & software for teachers dealing with threats

- New Assassin creed ancient Greece?  

- Toys R Us chapter 7 bankruptcy and more


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