Assassin Cast #9

Welcome back everyone to episode #9 of the Assassin Cast for the week April 30th 2018! This is a ***SPOILER HEAVY EPISODE*** so you have been warned. In this episode we go over the following topics:


- Marvels Infinity war review, thoughts and discussion

- Ant man and the wasp trailer thoughts and release date


- Ps4 mods for firmware 4.55 is it worth it? we discuss.

- We talk Yakuza 6 and Sega's relevance in the software market.

- Quick update on Nintendo's Virtual console announcement and date.

- We also discuss Donkey Kong tropical freeze. Is Wi-U re-release's hurting or helping the switch? Our thoughts.

As always we thank you for tuning in to the best podcast in New York the Assassin Cast! Please follow for update's on new episodes and content

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