Assassin Cast #6

Welcome back to episode #6 of the assassin cast!! The best podcast in New York! Please like and subscribe for more future episodes. For the week of April 9th 2018. We talk movies and gaming for the following topics:


- The Meg trailer w/ Jason statham

- We talk American made w/ Tom cruise

- Super troopers 2 New trailer release and crowd funding campaign

- Xmen dark phoenix 2019 push back

- Venom new trailer release and thoughts...


- Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series reaching 6 billion in sales

- Articles concerning Sega making a come back to hardware

- God of war release approaching discussing game play

- Guy finds drugs in a pal Nes cart


As always each episode of the Assassin Cast is released every monday we apologize for the delay.

Catch the full video version of this podcast on youtube.

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