Assassin Cast #24

Welcome back everyone to the best podcast in new york! this episode of the Assassin Cast is for the week of August 26th 2018. And holy fuck were late! in this episode we will be going over the following topics:


- We talk peppermint with Jennifer Garner and why its well received.

- Alec Baldwin gets added to the cast for the joker standalone movie and boy are they reaching.

- Movie theaters have seen the best numbers in a decade we discuss.

- We talk predator, the final trailer was released and we have mixed feelings on the matter.


- EA stock plunges after an annoucement of a delay of battle field 5 we give our thoughts

- Controversey over the new spiderman with what looks like a graphical downgrade. we discuss

- Justice is served by bungie this week for destiny 2 disconnects we explain why thats awesome

- Big news of streets of rage 4 was announced w/ a trailer we discuss.

As always thanks for watching, being patient, and a great fan. We appreciate the support. Like follow and subscribe !!!!!! tune in for next weeks episode.


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