Assassin Cast #18

welcome back to the best podcast in New York! This episode of the Assassin Cast is for the week of July 1st 2018. In this episode we will be going over the following topics:

Movies- - Luke Cage season 2 Review and the similarities to the comics. (I get a little distracted from background noise so bear with me)

- Samuel L Jackson De-aging through technology for the upcoming marvel movie Captain Marvel.

- Reboot and sequels are taking over, were not happy about it and discuss Skyscraper with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

- Steve Ditko the co-creator of Spiderman, Doctor strange and others passes away at the age of 90.


- Castlevania Netflix series back for a season 2. We discuss the hype surrounding it.

- Resident Evil 2 remake information, We talk about an article introducing new areas and zombies.

- NES Classic eddition makes it back to the podcast for a good reasons. We found out that the hacking community discovers the famicom disk system bios.

- Dan discusses 2 upcoming games from Microsoft, Shinning Resonance Refrain and Little Warhammer

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