Assassin Cast #17

Welcome back everyone to the best podcast in newyork! This episode of the Assassin Cast is for the week of June 24th 2018. In this podcast we will be going over the following topics:


-Taco bell's at sandiego comic con will be celebrating Demolitions man's 25th anniversary

- Jim Carrey to play Dr. Robotnik in the upcoming sonic movie, we explain

- We discuss the upcoming release of Sicario 2 with benic del toro and Josh brolin

- We talk an article about Josh brolin's performance in Dead pool 2, and the discussion of an X-Force movie


- NES Classic eddition re-release and nintendo stradegy to have scalper's Fuck off

- We Discuss sony not wanting to play ball with microsoft and nintendo on Cross platform play

- We talk the suprise game included with the physical version of shaq-Fu, Barak-Fu the legend of dirty barry

- West world the mobile game? and there getting sued by bethesda we go into detail on that as well.

As always we appreciate you tuning in to this weeks Assassin Cast! We apoligize for having audio issues which should be taking care of this week. trial and error.

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*our intro music for this podcast is supplied by Niall Aka Nstens1117*

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