Assassin Cast #16

Welcome back everyone to the best podcast in newyork! This episode of the Assassin Cast is for the week of June 17th 2018, in this episode we discuss the following topics:


- The best leak of the week yet. Tom holland tells us spiderman's next movie title.. by accident

- You fans out there finally hear us talk about the DC universe. Mainly the controversey around the batman

- Netflix upcoming new series "how it ends" we give our thoughts on the concept

- We discuss the Biggest box office bombs of 2018! So far


- Gaming being labeled as and addicition and a mental health disorder. We explain.

- We talk sneak preview of the retron 77 and why its better then buying into a scam

- Microsoft teams up with Razer to release keyboards and mice for the Xbox one

- Nintendo's missing game line up from E3 and our thoughts on why

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