Assassin Cast #15

Welcome back everyone to the best podcast in New York! This episode of the Assassin Cast is for the week of June 10th 2018, in this E3 eddition of the Assassin Cast we are going to be covering the following topics:


- Chris hardwicks situation gets worse. We give our thoughts


- Dan gives us information on Halo Infinite and we discuss

- Jeremy talks Resident evil 2 remake and sonys annoucement on the remaster

- Dan discusses his thoughts on cyber punk 2077

- Jeremy gives his views on Ghost of tsuhima.

- we talk spider man on ps4 in depth

- ubisoft and bethesda highlights from the conference

- Nintendos presentation, almost as botched as EA

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Full credit to Nstens1117 for our bad ass intro music. For other movie themes check out his channel @

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